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Caroline Jacobson’s practice involves the development of a satirical parallel history, world building, and fantasy. Using human/animal hybrids and taxidermy, she creates dioramas and reliquaries that indicate a hidden refuge - guarded by gargoyles of steel, clay, and bronze. The dioramas explore a space that escapes the trenches of capitalism, destruction of the earth, and colonialism, while allowing the figures to inhabit peacefulness and revelry. However, the traces of commoditization of the self, tourism, and domination are inescapable. Other sculptures appear to be excavated, reflecting on a past of violence and profit that comes with European histories and its creation of beautiful objects and spaces.

Caroline Jacobson is a sculptor working in Chicago, IL. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a BA in Spanish Literature before completing her Masters in Painting & Drawing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. No awards yet. She has shown at the Elmust Art Center, EXPO Chicago, Western Exhitions, Ruschman Gallery, and LVL3.

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