2015 Pen & colored pencil on paper 24 x 18 in
  “You be beggin’ for my presents. Orange blossom, takes like heaven.” -  Orange Blossom  : Destiny
  “I’m in the bitch I’m hassadiddyyyyyy. I popped a perc and I said thank youuuu” -  Want Some More  : Nicki Minaj
  “Be the fruit that feeds your spirit. On your knees now baby eat it eat it” -  Fruit  : Abra
  “Under her spell. You pledge your allegiance.” -  Floor Show  : Kelela
  “Feelin’ myself, back off, cause i’m feelin’ myself, jack off.” -  Feelin’ Myself  : Nicki Minaj & Beyonce
  “High price bitch wanting high price things, yelling bling bling bitch please fuck a wedding ring” -  Satisfaction Guaranteed  : Junglepussy
  “What’s a girl to do when the world’s against you? Throw it in they face, let them know that you meant to.” -  Me  : Junglepussy
  “Unless you licking my lipstick of the spliff, you won’t even get a grip of a tit. Even if I strip, even if you tip, can’t blame me i’m a sexy ass bitch” -  Picky Bitch Checklist  : Junglepussy
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